Facebook ads have become a staple for small businesses hoping to drive sales and establish brand awareness.

Additionally, Facebook is home to over 1.1 billion users and offers a plethora of ad types, and targeting options, and Facebook Advertising is especially beneficial for local retailers who frequently have promotions, featured products and an e-commerce website. Learn why Facebook ads are the perfect pairing to any retail business’ marketing campaign.

Type of Ads

Carousel Ads

For retailers looking to highlight specific products, Carousel ads are the way to go. This ad type provides the ability to showcase up to ten images and links within a single ad unit, as well as the ability to direct consumers to specific locations on a website, such as sending a user to a product page. For example, a shoe retailer could use the Carousel ad to show off a new collection and with the option of up to ten images, the business can feature the best sellers of the collection. Each image would showcase a different shoe and direct the user to the shoe’s exact webpage. The consumer would immediately gain access to additional information about the particular shoe and potentially move forward with an online purchase. In order to make the sale, it’s imperative the retailer’s website is mobile friendly. With over 1 billion daily active users on mobile, it’s likely a potential customer is looking at Facebook from their mobile device – having a mobile friendly website that is both responsive and adaptive is no longer an option, it’s necessary

Local Awareness Ads

Research shows consumers love supporting their communities by shopping at local retail businesses, so how exactly does a small business capitalize on this? The answer is Local Awareness ads. This ad option provides retailers with an avenue to reach a large amount of potential customers by simply using the business’ address. Since this ad is based on the store’s location, it’s important to consider the surrounding areas and the amount of people the retailer would like to reach. For the best results, the retailer should target consumers within a ten mile radius of the brick and mortar location. Beyond reaching the desired audience, the retailer must provide an enticing promotion that will drive traffic to the store. According to Facebook, the deal or sale must be a minimum of 20% off to entice the consumer to drive to the store and redeem the promotion.

Useful Tips

We’ve laid out the best ad types for local retailers, but there are several other elements to factor in when crafting a campaign. Consider the following:

1.) Let the image do the talking. A product image that has been beautifully photographed and presented for consumers will resonate quite a bit on its own, however ensure your ad copy is short and sweet and avoid a sales-focused messaging.

2.) Brand your photos. Placing the company logo on the image will allow consumers to easily identify the promotion with the retailer, as well as keep other retailers from using your images without consent.

3.) Attract consumers with deals on products under $200. As a G/O Digital best practice, we recommend keeping purchases around or under this amount because they are considered quick purchases. Thus the reason a consumer would be intrigued by the sale and make a purchase.

4.) Consider the image dimensions. Each ad type requires photos in specific dimensions, most of which aren’t pleasing for products. When prepping for the campaign, be sure to factor in the placement of the product within the required.

5.) Videos are king. Of all the content featured on a user’s News Feed, videos get additional amplification due to Facebook’s algorithm.  Bonus Tip: Keep your videos between 15-20 seconds for best results.

For local retailers looking to drive online sales or in-store traffic, Facebook ads are a great fit. With ad types that support these objectives and a large database of active users, retailers can truly reach their intended audience. Utilizing the listed suggestions will ensure your ads are optimized and will resonate amongst consumers.


Source: http://www.godigitalmarketing.com/learn/blog/why-facebook-ads-work-for-local-retailers

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