Facebook ads have become a staple for small businesses hoping to drive sales and establish brand awareness.

Additionally, Facebook is home to over 1.1 billion users and offers a plethora of ad types, and targeting options, and Facebook Advertising is especially beneficial for local retailers who frequently have promotions, featured products and an e-commerce website. Learn why Facebook ads are the perfect pairing to any retail business’ marketing […] Read more »

Google Ad Changes

Google announced recently some changes that could affect advertisers and I really like how it was explained here The article explains in detail the changes and how Google  will no longer show its long-standing strip of adverts to the immediate right of search results. It goes on to say that […] Read more »

19-year old Malaysian kid guns down the gurus

Ultimate Traffic Monster image

A 19-year old kid from Malaysia has struck on a free traffic method so powerful he’s showing up some of the “old timer” gurus out there.His method even goes against a lot of the guru-schmuru advice. Specifically:- the advice that you need a list, money, patience and your own product […] Read more »